Grants to attend CSL 2000

There are some very limited funds to support participation of researchers from Eastern Europe and of full-time students. For students the application needs to be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from their adviser.

To apply for a grant, please fill in the form below and return it by May 20, 2000, via fax to

Prof. Peter Clote
CSL 2000 - Application for a grant
fax: +49-89-2178-2238

Applicants will be informed about the amount of funding via e-mail by the end of May.

Application for a grant to attend CSL 2000

I would like to apply for a grant to attend CSL 2000.

( )I am a student or a researcher from Eastern Europe and have an accepted paper, but had forgotten to apply for a grant when submitting the paper.
( ) I am a student, and a letter of recommendation by my academic teacher follows by subsequent fax.
( ) I am a researcher from Eastern Europe;
my participation at CSL 2000 is supported by the amount of ___________ through other funds.

First name____________________________________________________