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The conference hotel for CSL 2000 is:

Hotel Aurachhof
Bahnhofstraße 4
D-83730 Fischbachau
Phone +49-(0)8028-903-0
Fax +49-(0)8028-903-199

Participants are expected to arrive on Monday, August 21, late afternoon or evening, and to leave on Sunday, August 27, in the morning.

On Monday August 21, sandwiches will be ready for those that miss the dinner at 19.00 h. If you arrive later than 23.00 h, please inform the hotel.

If you are traveling by airplane, staying overnight Saturday 26/Sunday 27 should give an opportunity for cheaper flights. There will be much holiday traffic in August, so we recommend that you book your flight as early as possible.

Getting to Fischbachau by public transport

From Munich Airport to Fischbachau station:

  1. In Munich Airport, go the base floor, following the S-Bahn sign (white S on green circle), until you reach the Central Area (Zentralbereich).
  2. There you find blue (MVV) ticket machines where you can get a S-Bahn ticket to Munich. The price for a Einzelfahrkarte (one-way ticket) is DM 15,20.
    (If you intend to stop in Munich, you may buy a Streifenkarte for DM 16,00. You need 8 strips to go to Munich, leaving you 2 for a ride by S-Bahn or U-Bahn and Tram in Munich.)
  3. The S-Bahn leaves downstairs in the Central Area; stamp your ticket before going down. There are two lines, S8 and S1, take S8.
    (If you take S1, you may also continue as in 4., but it takes longer and you have to wait at Donnersbergerbrücke.)
  4. Leave the S-Bahn at station Donnersbergerbrücke, the 2nd stop after Hauptbahnhof, about 45 minutes from the airport.
    (If you took S1, note that Donnersbergerbrücke is the 2nd stop before Hauptbahnhof).
  5. At Donnersbergerbrücke, take the train direction Bayrischzell, normally leaving at platform 2, just opposite to where you arrive. You have 4 minutes to change from S-Bahn to train. Buy a ticket to Fischbachau in the train; the price is DM 16,20.
    (If you took S1, you have to use the staircase to change to platform 2.)
  6. The train changes its direction in Schliersee, about 1 hour later. The second stop after Schliersee is Fischbachau.

From Munich Hauptbahnhof to Fischbachau station:

  1. Take the train going direction Bayrischzell, normally leaving from platform 34.
  2. Buy a ticket at the ticket machine on platform 34, or in the train (Bayrische Oberlandbahn BOB, not Deutsche Bahn DB). The price to Fischbachau is DM 19,40.
  3. To find platforms 27-36, turn right in the main hall with platforms 11-25, then after platform 25, turn left and walk for 3 minutes.

  4. The train changes its direction in Schliersee, about 1 hour later. The second stop after Schliersee is Fischbachau.

Note: Changing from S-Bahn to train at Munich Hauptbahnhof probably takes 20 minutes or more, if you are not familiar with the confusing architecture. If you left S-Bahn at Hauptbahnhof,

From Munich city center to Fischbachau station:

If you are staying in Munich, you can

  1. go by S-Bahn (all lines) to Donnersbergerbrücke and there change to a train direction Bayrischzell, as in 4.-6. above,
  2. or take S-Bahn S2 to Holzkirchen and there change to a train direction Bayrischzell. S-Bahn S2 departures are every 20 minutes, taking 40 minutes to Holzkirchen. The train changes its direction in Schliersee, about 25 minutes from Holzkirchen. The second stop after Schliersee is Fischbachau.

Version 2 can be more convenient and faster, if you are staying near an S2 station.

Time table:

(electronic timetable)

S-Bahn S8 departure Munich Airport:
h.06, h.26, h.46 (h = every hour, except at night)
Train departure Hauptbahnhof: platform 34
6.50, 8.30, 10.30, 12.30, *13.30, 14.30, 15.50, 16.50, 17.50, 18.50, 20.30, 22.36
Train departure Donnersbergerbrücke: platform 2
6.53, 8.33, 10.33, 12.33, *13.33, 14.33, 15.53, 16.53, 17.53, 18.53, 20.33, 22.39
Train arrival Fischbachau:
8.15, 9.44, 11.44, 13.44, *15.02, 15.44, 17.04, 18.05, 19.04, 20.05, 21.44, 23.48

*) The train leaving at *13.30 resp. *13.33 goes on Monday only, and you have to change trains in Holzkirchen at 13.58. A train leaves there at 14.05 going to Schliersee (arr. 14.31), where you have to take a bus at 14.38 to Fischbachau (or wait for the train leaving at 15.32 in Schliersee).

Sample trip

from Airport        from Central Station
11:46 dep. Flughafen München       
S-Bahn S8 (dir. Nannhofen)       
12:29 arr. Donnersbergerbrücke        12:30 dep. platform 27-36
(change from S-Bahn to train!)        DNR 81415 train (dir. Bayrischzell)

12:33 dep. Donnersbergerbrücke, platform 2
DNR 81415 train (dir. Bayrischzell)
13:44 arr.Fischbachau

From Fischbachau station to Hotel Aurachhof:

The hotel Aurachhof is a 5 minutes walk from the station.

Getting to Fischbachau by private car

The hotel is accessible by car via the highway (,,Autobahn'') A8 Munich-Salzburg. Fischbachau is located about 60 km south-east to Munich.

Coming from Munich or Salzburg, it is best to leave Autobahn A8 at exit Irschenberg, follow Bundesstrasse B 472 to Miesbach, leave Miesbach on E 307 and go south through Hundham, Schliersee, Fischhausen, Neuhaus to Aurach. Leave E 307 in Aurach in direction Fischbachau, and 300m after crossing the railroad, turn right. (See the drawing of Aurach).

Note: Coming from Munich, you can also leave A8 earlier at exit Weyarn, go from there to Miesbach and continue as above. Coming from Salzburg, you can leave Autobahn A8 earlier at exit Bad Aibling in direction Bad Feilnbach; then just before you reach Bad Feilnbach, turn right to Hundham, and in Hundham go south through Eibach, Fischbachau, Stauden. In Stauden, turn left for Hotel Aurachhof, before crossing the railroad.

For the roads from A8 to Aurach, see the overview map :


For a topographical map of Fischbachau (including Aurach) see


For the last mile, see the drawing of Aurach:


Weather Conditions

Usually, August is the warmest month, with 20-30 C temperature, but there can also be heavy rain showers.

For the excursion day, you should wear good walking boots; alpine mountain boots are not necessary. Better carry a light rain cape; we may go up to 1600 m. For a topographical map of Fischbachau (including Aurach) see


Hans Leiß

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