The fifTEEN Puzzle

The fifTEEN Puzzle is a small but funny and most flexible Java applet written by the two of us: Andreas Abel and Peter Buchmann. It is the implementation of a well known one-person logic game.


  • Click the "Shuffle" button to start.
  • To move a piece next to the empty place, just click on it.
  • The game is finished when every piece is in the right position.

Decorate your homepage with The fifTEEN Puzzle!

You can easily put The fifTEEN Puzzle onto your web pages. It can be used with any image in any size with any number of pieces. Just download the applet code from here, insert a few lines of text into your HTML file and that's all!

This is the HTML code for The fifTEEN Puzzle with bugs bunny you see above:

    <applet code="Puzzle.class" archive="Puzzle.jar" width=200 height=250>
      <param name="image" value="PuzzleBugsBunny.jpg">


  1. Download the JAR file and put it into the directory of your web page.
  2. Put an GIF or JPG image (YourImage.gif) into the same directory.
  3. Decide what the size of the applet should be (YourWidth, YourHeight). Note YourHeight must be increased a little to let space for the buttons on the bottom.
  4. Decide in how many pieces your want the image to be split (YourCols, YourRows). Default is 4x4.
  5. Insert this HTML code into your web page source:
        <applet code="Puzzle.class" archive="Puzzle.jar" 
                width=YourWidth height=YourHeight>
          <param name="image" value=YourImage.gif>
          <param name="cols" value=YourCols>
          <param name="rows" value=YourRows>
  6. Have fun!


The copyright is kept by the authors. Your may copy The fifTEEN Puzzle freely for non-commercial use only. Your may put it on your private pages but not make any money out of it. Anyone interested to put it on a commercial page must contact us and purchase the permission to do so.


Download the applet code Puzzle.jar (11kB)!

Andreas Abel
Last modified: Mon Mar 3 17:06:10 CET 2003