bib2bbl: Typesetting a .bib file


This should be a common problem: you have a .bib file (which you, for instance, extracted from a bigger library using Gerd Neugebauer's excellent bibtool) and you want to typeset its entries. The only way I could think of is to create a dummy .tex file with one nocite command for each bib entry.

To save me from this mechanical work, I programmed a small script which creates a .aux with one citation command for each bib entry and then runs bibtex.


Download and make them executable and put them in some location where your OS finds them. Then run bib2bbl stem, where stem is then stem of your bib file (e.g., bla if your file is bla.bib).
  bib2bbl --help
displays further instructions.


Requires: a decent shell plus awk. Basically, you require some version of Unix running your computer. It has been tested under Linux (Suse 9.2) with GNU Awk 3.1.1.


I put these one-liners in the public domain.

Good luck!


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