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All reviews here are copyright to Tim Lynch <tlynch@alumni.caltech.edu>.

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This is the top level page of Tim Lynch's reviews of almost all Star Trek episodes. They are posted in the Usenet group rec.arts.startrek.reviews. More Star Trek reviews are available from an FTP server. The TL: part in the summary is the rating Tim has given to that episode (extracted from the review). Note, that this is the initial rating, which might differ from his final rating, given in the season summary that is available for most seasons. If you want to get an overview of all the ratings I recommend having a look at my rated quick reference page.

Miscellaneous reviews of Star Trek films and novels.

The following series are covered:

The Next Generation Deep Space 9 Voyager Enterprise
* TNG Season 2
* TNG Season 3
* TNG Season 4
* TNG Season 5
* TNG Season 6
* TNG Season 7
o DS9 Season 1
o DS9 Season 2
o DS9 Season 3
o DS9 Season 4
o DS9 Season 5
o DS9 Season 6
o DS9 Season 7
. Voyager Season 1
. Voyager Season 2
. Season 2



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