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3. Minefield TL: 9

When the Enterprise stumbles into a Romulan minefield, Reed finds himself in a life-or-death situation.

4. Dead Stop TL: 8

The Enterprise, in desperate need of repair, comes aboard an automated space station that works miracles for a terrible price.

10. Vanishing Point TL: 5.5

After using the transporter for the first time, Hoshi fears that she hasn't been put together quite properly.

12. Catwalk TL: 7.5

With the approach of a neutronic storm, the Enterprise crew is forced to take refuge in a maintenance shaft running along one nacelle.

13. Dawn TL: 5.5

After Trip's shuttlepod is attacked, he finds himself stranded on a rapidly heating moon with an already inflammatory enemy.

14. Stigma TL: 7

T'Pol becomes seriously ill with a disease condemned by most parts of Vulcan society.

15. Cease Fire TL: 8.5

Andorian commander Shran calls upon Archer to mediate a dispute between the Andorians and the Vulcans.

16. Future Tense TL: 7

The discovery of a wrecked ship, apparently from the future, thrusts Archer and the Enterprise right in the middle of the Temporal Cold War.

17. Canamar TL: 4.5

Archer and Trip, falsely accused of smuggling, find themselves on an Enolian prison ship headed for the dreaded penal colony of Canamar.

18. The Crossing TL: 5.5

The Enterprise meets a species of "wispy" noncorporeal life-forms and hear promises that may be too good to be true.

19. Judgment TL: 9

Archer is accused of crimes against the Klingon Empire and brought before a tribunal.

20. Horizon TL: 6.5

21. The Breach TL: 7

22. Cogenitor TL: 8.5

23. Regeneration TL: 6.5

24. First Flight TL: 8.5

25. Bounty TL: 2

26. The Expanse TL: 7


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