Index of TNG Season 2

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40. The Icarus Factor [+] (145) [5.46/154] TL: 7.5

Riker's long-lost father reappears on the eve of his departure to become captain on a new starship.

41. Pen Pals [* 1/2] (143) [5.51/85] TL: 8

Data races against time to save the life a little alien girl on a planet doomed for destruction.

42. Q-Who [*****] (9) [8.71/111] TL: 10

The crew is hurled into the future by the malevolent Q, who sets them up for destruction by a race of half-human, half-robot aliens known as the Borgs.

43. Samaritan Snare [**] (119) [5.96/156] TL: 7

While Picard fights for his life in surgery, Geordi is held hostage by the leaders of an alien race.

44. Up the Long Ladder [*] (156) [5.23/122] TL: 5

The crew's rescue of a missing earth colony leads to the discovery of a civilization composed entirely of clones.

45. Man Hunt [*] (163) [4.92/150] TL: 9.5

In her search for the perfect mate, Troi's mother beams aboard the Enterprise--and sets her sights on Captain Picard.

46. The Emissary [*** 1/2] (35) [7.74/115] TL: 10

An official mission becomes a personal matter when Worf's former love is sent to the Enterprise to mediate a dispute between Klingons and the Federation.

47. Peak Performance [***] (54) [7.31/153] TL: 8.5

A simulated war game turns deadly when the crew is ambushed by a Ferengi battleship.

48. Shades of Gray [*/2] (177) [4.21/137] TL: 7

Commander Riker is struck down by a deadly microbe which invades his central nervous system and attacks his brain.


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