Index of TNG Season 4

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75. Best of Both Worlds, Part II [*****] (5) [9.07/134] TL: 7

Riker must choose between saving Picard and saving humanity when the Borg use the kidnapped captain as part of their plan to destroy Earth.

76. Family [***] (60) [7.23/110] TL: 9.5

While the Enterprise undergoes repairs on Earth, crew members reunite with family as Picard comes face to face with his jealous brother.

77. Brothers [****] (30) [7.86/163] TL: 9

After being summond home by his elderly creator, Data clashes with his evil brother, Lore.

78. Suddenly Human [* 1/2] (142) [5.54/97] TL: 5

Picard risks war when he refuses to return a human boy to the alien father who raised him, and may have abused him.

79. Remember Me [***] (50) [7.37/79] TL: 10

Wesley's experiment with warp fields result in the mysterious disappearance of the crew.

80. Legacy [**] (128) [5.79/124] TL: 3

A rescue mission leads the crew to the birthplace of their late comrade Tasha Yar, where they encounter her mysterious sister.

81. Reunion [****] (21) [8.07/109] TL: 10

When Picard is chosen to mediate a Klingon power struggle, Worf confronts the Klingon who disgraced him.

82. Future Imperfect [***] (44) [7.47/89] TL: 5

After an Away Team mission fails, Riker awakens in sickbay to discover sixteen years have passed and he now commands the Enterprise.

83. Final Mission [**] (103) [6.21/95] TL: 7

After being accepted to Starfleet Academy, Wesley accompanies Picard on a final mission, only to find himself struggling to keep the captain alive.

84. The Loss [*/2] (175) [4.30/104] TL: 3

Counselor Troi resigns her post after experiencing a mysterious loss of her empathetic powers.

85. Data's Day [** 1/2] (73) [6.89/173] TL: 8

A friend's impending wedding compounds Data's confusion about the nuances of human feelings.

86. The Wounded [***] (49) [7.38/89] TL: 9

Picard must stop a renegade Federation starship which is making unprovoked attacks on a former enemy's ship.

87. Devil's Due [**] (98) [6.35/107] TL: 3

Picard fights to save a terrorist planet from a powerful woman who claims to be the devil.

88. Clues [***] (43) [7.51/100] TL: 8.5

Picard and the crew are shocked to discover that Data is lying to them.

89. First Contact [***] (58) [7.26/106] TL: 10

Critically wounded during a first contact mission, Riker is mistaken for a hostile alien.

90. Galaxy's Child. [* 1/2] (133) [5.70/114] TL: 4

The Enterprise becomes surrogate mother to a huge alien creature after Picard is forced to destroy its real mother.

91. Night Terrors [**] (130) [5.75/87] TL: 8

Trapped in a rift in space, the crew of the Enterprise are palgued by unexplained paranoia and hallucinations.

92. Identity Crisis [**] (129) [5.77/88] TL: 6.5

Dr. Crusher races against time to locate a parasite that threatens to transform Geordi into an alien creature.

93. The Nth Degree [***] (48) [7.41/106] TL: 9

When Barclay is endowed with super human intelligence by an alien probe, he threatens the fate of the Enterprise.

94. Qpid [**] (112) [6.09/94] TL: 1

The mischievous Q turns Picard into Robin Hood and sends him on a quest designed to force him to prove his love for an old flame.

95. The Drumhead [***] (56) [7.29/88] TL: 10

A search for a spy aboard the Enterprise turns into a witch hunt in which Picard is implicated as a traitor.

96. Half a Life [**] (120) [5.96/85] TL: 5

Picard risks war when he offers asylum to a visiting scientist who wishes to escape the ritual suicide mandated by his society.

97. The Host [**] (117) [5.97/143] TL: 7

Dr. Crusher's love is put to the test when she falls for an alien who exists in different "host bodies" in order to survive.

98. The Mind's Eye [** 1/2] (74) [6.89/83] TL: 10

Romulan forces kidnap Geordi and turn him into a killing machine.

99. In Theory [**] (125) [5.86/107] TL: 4

Data experiments with love by pursuing a romantic relationship with a fellow crew member.

100. Redemption, Part I [****] (24) [7.99/122] TL: 8.5

As civil war threatens the Klingon Empire, Worf's loyalties are torn between the Federation and his people.


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