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101. Redemption, Part II [*** 1/2] (33) [7.77/105] TL: 5

Picard risks all-out war with the Romulans when he involves Starfleet in a Klingon civil war.

102. Darmok [****] (23) [8.04/112] TL: 9.5

The crew is rendered helpless when Picard is kidnapped and forced to go to war with an alien captain.

103. Ensign Ro [***] (51) [7.35/98] TL: 6

Picard suspects a high-level Federation conspiracy when the crew is ordered to locate the terrorist leader of a renegade race.

104. Silicon Avatar [**] (102) [6.23/140] TL: 8.5

Picard struggles to communicate with a mysterious, destructive force before a visiting scientist can destroy it.

105. Disaster [**] (100) [6.34/149] TL: 2

The lives of the crew are in Troi's hands when a natural disaster forces her to take over as captain of the seriously damaged Enterprise.

106. The Game [**] (132) [5.70/85] TL: 6

The fate of the Federation is in Wesley Crusher's hands when he returns to find the crew of the Enterprise addicted to a dangerous new game.

107. Unification, Part I [****] (27) [7.95/154] TL: 9

Picard and Data travel to Romulus to investigate an unauthorized mission undertaken by the Federation's legendary Mr. Spock

108. Unification, Part II [****] (28) [7.88/115] TL: 9

Picard and Mr. Spock clash over over a proposed reunification of the Romulans and the Vulcans.

109. A Matter of Time [**] (113) [6.06/95] TL: 5

Picard's quest to save an endangered planet leads him to violate a Prime Directive when he seeks advice from a visitor from the future.

110. New Ground [*] (158) [5.20/94] TL: 9

Worf learns some painful lessons about parenting when his son Alexander arrives to join his father on the Enterprise.

111. Hero Worship [*] (157) [5.21/83] TL: 8.5

A Young boy who is the sole survivor of a devastated ship becomes obsessed with simulating Data.

112. Violations [* 1/2] (148) [5.43/89] TL: 6.5

Troi, Riker and Dr. Crusher fall into unexplained comas while the Enterprise plays host to an alien race.

113. The Masterpiece Society [* 1/2] (141) [5.57/163] TL: 7.5

Picard's efforts to save a genetically engineered society from a natural disaster threatens to destroy it.

114. Conundrum [*** 1/2] (32) [7.81/99] TL: 10

While suffering an unexplained case of amnesia, the crew finds themselves fighting a war they do not remember or understand.

115. Power Play [**] (111) [6.09/86] TL: 7.5

Inhabited by alien spirits, Data and Troi overthrow the Bridge of the Enterprise.

116. Ethics [**] (121) [5.95/84] TL: 5

Loyalty and ethics clash when a paralyzed Worf asks Riker to help him commit suicide.

117. The Outcast [* 1/2] (134) [5.69/93] TL: 3

A rescue mission leads to a dangerous romance between Riker and a rebellious member of an androgynous race.

118. Cause and Effect [*****] (6) [9.01/116] TL: 10

The Enterprise is trapped in a time warp that forces the crew to endlessly repeat the same experiences.

119. The First Duty [***] (57) [7.28/84] TL: 9

Caught between loyalty to his friends and the need to tell the truth, Wesley becomes involved in a cover-up when his Starfleet Acadamy squadron suffers a deadly collision.

120. Cost of Living [*] (167) [4.76/132] TL: 1

Preparing for her wedding aboard the Enterprise, Troi's free-thinking mother causes trouble btween Worf and his son.

121. The Perfect Mate [**] (97) [6.35/153] TL: 6.5

A beautiful woman, chosen by her people to serve as a peace offering to end a centuries-long war, falls in love with Picard.

122. Imaginary Friend [*/2] (174) [4.36/99] TL: 4

A little girl's imaginary friend becomes a frightening reality for the crew when she threatens to destroy the Enterprise.

123. I, Borg [**** 1/2] (14) [8.36/114] TL: 9.5

Picard and the crew suffer from conflicting emotions when the Enterprise rescues a critically-injured Borg.

124. The Next Phase [*** 1/2] (37) [7.71/99] TL: 7.5

Geordi and Ro are pronounced dead after a transporting maneuver from a distressed Romulan ship goes awry.

125. The Inner Light. [*****] (4) [9.14/125] TL: 10

After a mysterious accident, Picard awakes up living the life of another person on a faraway planet

126. Time's Arrow. [*** 1/2] (38) [7.65/106] TL: 8

After Data learns of his own death in late-19th-century San Francisco, a freak accident transports him back to that period.


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