Index of VOY Season 2

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* 17. The 37's TL: 3

Captain Janeway encounters the first woman aviator, Amelia Earhart.

*** 18. Inititations TL: 7

Alone aboard a Shuttlecraft, Chakotay is targeted by a young Kazon who must earn his warrior name by killing the Federation enemy.

**** 19. Projections TL: 9.5

Believing the ship has suffered a massive attack, The Doctor ventures from Sickbay via a remote holo-projection system.

* 20. Elogium TL: 1.5

When alien life forms accelerate Kes' reproductive process, she has just one chance to mate and have a child.

** 21. Non Sequitur TL: 6.5

Ensign Kim awakens to find himself on Earth in a 24th century San Francisco.

* 22. Twisted TL: 2.5

A spatial distortion causes a system malfunction and changes the ship's structural layout.

** 23. Parturition TL: 5

Neelix and Paris make unlikely teammates and even more unlikely caretakers to an newborn alien.

** 24. Persistence of Vision TL: 5.5

A strange force causes the crew to succumb to a delusional state.

** 25. Tattoo TL: 6

When an away team encounters hostile natives, Chakotay has flashbacks of himself as a young boy who disappoints his father by not embraching his cultural traditions.

** 26. Cold Fire TL: 6

The Caretaker's female mate, possibly the only hope in returning the Voyager crew home, is finally found.

** 27. Maneuvers TL: 6.5

Seska is back and poised to help destroy Voyager--and Chakotay.

**** 28. Resistance TL: 9.5

Janeway must rescue Tuvok and Torres when Mokra soldiers take them prisoner, but she is forced to rely on an eccentric alien man who believes she is his daughter.

*** 29. Prototype TL: 7.5

When the crew finds a deactivated robot floating in space, a curious Torres brings it back to life, only to be abducted by it.

*** 30. Alliances TL: 7

To strengthen Voyager's position in the Quadrant, Janeway reluctantly seeks to form an alliance with the Kazon.

* 31. Threshold TL: 2

Paris makes history by shuttling to Warp Ten.

*** 32. Meld TL: 7

One crewman murders another, leading Tuvok to attempt an understanding of violent impulses through a mind-meld.

*** 33. Dreadnought TL: 7

Torres must reprogram a Cardassian-designed errant missile before it destroys a planet and Voyager.

*** 34. Death Wish TL: 7

The omnipotent Q returns to a Starfleet vessel.

** 35. Lifesigns TL: 5.5

While treating a Vidiian female for the Phage, the Doctor feels romantic for the first time.

* 36. Investigations TL: 4

After Lieutenant Paris takes leave to join a Talaxian convoy, Neelix's investigation leads him to believe Paris had been trading information to the Kazon all along.

** 37. Deadlock TL: 5

As the Vidiians draw near, a mysterious divergence field creates a duplicate Voyager with an identical crew but there's not enough antimatter to sustain both vessels.

** 38. Innocence TL: 5.5

Tuvok intervenes on behalf of a young Drayan-born child abandoned by her own people.

* 39. Thaw TL: 3

The crew must conquer the embodiment of fear--a maniacal clown.

** 40. Symbiogenesis TL: 6.5

A strange occurrence during an away mission causes Neelix and Tuvok to become one entity--Tuvix--a humor-filled, logic-defying fusion of the two crewmen.

* 41. Resolutions TL: 4.5

Janeway and Chakotay are afflicted with a deadly virus and must confine themselves to a small planet while the rest of the crew continues the journey home.

** 42. Basics, Part I TL: 6

The battle is over... Voyager has lost... the Kazon seize the ship and abandon a defenseless Starfleet crew on a primitive planet.


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