- Work package number: WP1

-Objectives: - Description:
This work package comprises three annual general workshops. The first of these workshops will serve as kickoff meeting and will thus be held within the first three months. The second one will be held in months 12-15. The third one will be held in conjunction with a summer school. Each workshop will be open to all participants including representatives from industrial partners and selected outside observers. Other researchers may attend the workshops and give talks if sufficient space is available. Each workshop will last for three days and consist of 2-3 invited talks and 20-30 contributed talks within the various themes. In addition there will be a panel discussion with industrial representatives, a brainstorming session, a business meeting (open to members), and a meeting of the steering committee. Workshop proceedings will be made available at the workshop and on our WWW site.
- Work package number: WP2

  • Bringing together researchers working on a particular topic
  • Promoting new research fields within the APPSEM-II themes
- Description:
Throughout the course of the project we will hold theme-specific workshops bringing together researchers working on a particular topic within one or across several of the themes. We are planning to hold a minimum of nine workshops on the following preliminary list of topics. A larger number of workshops around 12-13 may be expected.
  • Semantic foundations of aspect-oriented programming (Themes A, E)
  • Type systems for memory management (Themes C, H)
  • Exact real number computation, domain theory, and formal topology (Theme I)
  • Typing and program optimisation (Themes B, C, E, H)
  • Security issues (Themes C, G)
  • Nominal calculi and higher-order syntax (Theme B, E)
  • Dependent types in programming (Theme B)
  • Spatial logic (Theme H)
Further workshop topics may arise during the course of the project. These workshops will be spread evenly over the lifetime of the working group. The results presented at each workshop will be published on our web page or appear as formal proceedings in an appropriate scientific forum.
- Work package number: WP3

  • Disseminating results obtained in the working group
  • Disseminating results obtained in the working group
- Description:
We plan to hold a summer school open to postgraduate students and junior researchers at the end of the funding period to disseminate the results obtained in the working group. In addition to this we envisage short courses to be held by visiting researchers at their host site on their individual research topics.
- Work package number: WP4

  • Enabling collaboration between individual researchers on a particular topic.
  • Creating possibility for short courses.
- Description:
We will also partially fund individual short-term visits between sites to provide opportunities for collaborative research and training of junior researchers and to enable cooperation between senior members. The results of any such visit will be summarised in the annual progress reports. Such visits can be funded only if the visiting researcher hold a short course at the hosting institution, see D10.
- Work package number: WP5

  • Project management
  • Dissemination and evaluation
- Description:
The management structure is as detailed in Section 9.6. It comprises in particular regular meetings of the steering committee and business meetings open to all participants. Orthogonal to that theme coordinators are responsible for ensuring progress on their particular theme. They liaise with and respond to the steering committee. Dissemination of results is ensured via a project web page containing (links to) all other deliverables and results as well as other project-related documentation and serving as a semantics portal for the wider community. Other means of dissemination are listed in WP3 (summer school and short courses) and WP6 (industrial liaison).
- Work package number: WP6

  • Identify industrial challenges related to semantics
  • Obtain an industrial perspective on APPSEM s research
  • Disseminate information on applications of semantics in industrial practice
- Description:
The industrial participants in APPSEM make up the Industrial Advisory Panel. At each annual general workshop, the panel will lead a discussion on Industrial Challenges to Semantics, which in our experience is an effective way to meet the first two objectives above. A summary of the discussions will be published on the APPSEM web site for later reference. To meet the third objective, industrial participants will be invited to speak on their work at the annual workshops.
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