FAQ for TYPES 98

Will it be possible to pay for the accomodation using an international (Visa) credit card?
Yes, Kloster Irsee accepts the standard credit cards.
How do I pay the conference fee (DM 350,00) ?
You can either pay the fee in cash (in DM) when you register or by money transfer to the following account:
	Wolfgang Naraschewski
	Acc.no. : 4320267507
	Hypo Bank, Bank code 700 200 01
	Subject: Types98 (name of participant(s))
When will the busses leave from Kaufbeuren station on Friday?
One bus at 13:30 and one bus at 14:30.
How do I get to Kloster Irsee, if I don't arrive at those times?
Take a taxi from the station. It is about 5km and costs about 25 DM.
How do I get from the airport to Kaufbeuren?
If you are short of time proceed directly to the "S-Bahn" terminal in the airport - follow the signs with the white "S" on green background. You can buy a blue "Streifenkarte" (15 DM) either at a blue machine before you go down (10 DM or 20 DM notes or coins) or at a counter nearby. You have to cancel 8 stripes on a little blue box (marked "E") for the trip to Pasing. In Pasing you have to change the platform for the train to Kaufbeuren and you can buy the train ticket on the train (about 21 DM). Alternatively (and slightly cheaper) you can get a train ticket for the whole way (33 DM single, 66 DM return) from a "Deutsche Bahn" (DB) counter in the "Zentralbereich" (Z) of the airport. Even better, if at least 6 people are travelling together you can get a group ticket (at least 40% reduction).
When will the busses leave from Kloster Irsee on Tuesday?
We are currently planning to have busses leaving Irsee at 13:00 and 13:30 but we'll check at the workshop.
Will there be a bus service at the Wednesday after the natural language workshop?
We haven't organized anything yet, but it should be possible to organize a bus or a big taxi via Koster Irsee.
Will there be Internet access from the Kloster?
No. Only in exceptional circumstances we could run a modem line.
How long does it take to get from Munich airport to Kaufbeuren?
About 2 hours. There is a link to a rail planer from our webpage which enables you to find out about the precise schedule.
What are the telephone and fax numbers for Kloster Irsee?
Tel. +49 (8341) 90600
Fax. +49 (8341) 74278 (see web page).
Where will the banquet take place?
The banquet will take place in Kloster Irsee in a special room ("Festsaal").
How do I find out about other train connections from or to Kaufbeuren (i.e. at different times or to different places) ?
Use the forms accessible from our page and change the times, destination or origin and the press "Find connection".
Will there be COQ/LEGO/... preinstalled on the demo machine?
I am sorry, but we cannot provide this service. The demo machine will be a SUN (SPARC) with standard software (like xemacs) preinstalled. All other software has to be uploaded by ftp and installed at Kloster Irsee.

Types 98
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