Kloster_Irrsee Kloster Irsee is a beautifully restored monastery close to Kaufbeuren, less than 100km from Munich, which is used as a conference center. It is a good place for hiking and features a local brewery with good beer (Klosterbrauerei). Interesting sites in Bavaria are conveniently accessible for excursions. Kaufbeuren is easy to reach from Munich by train. We recommend to travel via Munich airport, then by local train (S-Bahn) to the central station (Hauptbahnhof) and from there by train to Kaufbeuren (frequent connections). We will organize busses from Kaufbeuren station to the Kloster. Alternatively one can take a taxi (about 5km) which approximately costs 25 DM. More detailed information can be found on the travel info web page.


Meals and coffee breaks will be provided by the Kloster. We expect people to arrive on Friday, 27th in the afternoon and leave on Tuesday, 31st in the afternoon - hence you will have to book 4 nights for the whole workshop. The prices for accommodation per night (including breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks) are
	195 DM single 
	165 DM double
44 single and 37 double are reserved for us - booking has to be confirmed beginning of February.

We will ask for a registration fee to cover extra costs (banquet, excursion, invited speakers) which should be around 350 DM. Information about payment will be provided later.

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Bernhard Reus (2.10.97,6.02.98)