Workshop on Natural Language and Type Theory

In connection with the TYPES meeting, which is held in Kloster Irsee near Munich from March 27 to March 31, 1998, there will be a

Workshop on Natural Language and Type Theory.

The workshop will take place right after the main programme, in the afternoon of March 31, and possibly continue, depending on the number of contributions, in the morning of April 1 (Wednesday).

There are two motivations for the workshop. First, constructive type theory has enriched the conceptual apparatus of logic in many ways that are relevant for linguistics, and it will be interesting to see what has been done on this topic in the Types community. Second, there have been projects of developing natural language interfaces both to Alf, to Coq, and to Lego. The workshop should create an opportunity to share experiences from this work.

The workshop has been planned among some of us who have already been in contact on the topic of natural language for some years. Thus the participation of Yann Coscoy, Daniel Fridlender, Matti Kinnunen, Zhaohui Luo, Per Martin-Löf, Petri Mäenpää, Bengt Nordström, Aarne Ranta, and Jan Smith has been confirmed. Speakers and titles have not been decided yet. There is room for more participants, both speaking and non-speaking.

Anyone who is interested in participating the Natural Language Workshop should contact me (address below) by the end of February. Those who are willing to talk should include a preliminary title. Demos are also welcome.

For the extra night's accommodation in Kloster Irsee, just mark April 1 as the day of departure in the TYPES registration form, and add the remark "Natural Language Workshop". However, the accommodation is only guaranteed for 20 participants. I will inform you if there is any problem, and we will try to solve it. Hence, if you want to stay the night in Kloster Irsee, and not just attend the workshop on March 31, please send me a short notice at the same time as you mail your registration form to the organizers. (The deadline for TYPES registration is the end of January.)

With best regards,

Aarne Ranta

(Member of the Helsinki site but now working in Grenoble : )

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