Natural Language Workshop in TYPES

The workshop has now registrations of seventeen participants: Peter Aczel, Tijn Borghuis, Robin Cooper, Yann Coscoy, Jo\"elle Despeyroux, Daniel Fridlender, Matti Kinnunen, Zhaohui Luo, Petri M\"aenp\"a\"a, Per Martin-L\"of, Bengt Nordstr\"om, Frank Pfenning, Randy Pollack, Aarne Ranta, Anton Setzer, Jan Smith, and Laurent Th\'ery. Thus there is room for a few more (check with the local organizers and inform Aarne Ranta as well). In the following preliminary programme, each speaker is given 30 minutes for the talk and 10 minutes for discussion. But there is some flexibility, given that we have five hours between 14 and 19. Updates to the programme will be followed by updates on this web page.
 Aarne Ranta

  Xerox Research Centre Europe
  6, chemin de Maupertuis
  38240 Meylan

  tel. + 33 - 4 - 76 61 50 67


Preliminary Programme

  • Tuesday March 31.
  • First session, 14 - 16: Interfaces to proof editors.
    Frank Pfenning, Levels of Abstraction in Proof Presentation.
    Yann Coscoy, TBA
    Zhaohui Luo, TBA
  • Second session, 17 - 19: General linguistic themes.
    Tijn Borghuis, On the project DenK - dialogue management and knowledge acquisition using type theory.
    Robin Cooper, Possible uses of dependent record types for natural language semantics.
    Aarne Ranta, A functional format for natural language grammars.
  • Wednesday April 1.
    Informal discussion, possibly demos.

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    Bernhard Reus (15.03.98)