Kloster Irsee is a beautifully restored monastery close to Kaufbeuren, less than 100km from Munich, which is used as a conference center. Munich offers good access by air, rail, and road. The new Munich International Airport has frequent flights to and from most major cities. By rail, the city offers easy access to the major European centers.

The area of Munich is well served by the "S-Bahn" and the city by underground. There are single tickets (to be bought for each trip) or stripe cards ("Streifenkarte") which are relatively cheaper when used for several trips. Using a stripe card one has to cancel two stripes for any trip within Munich-City and eight stripes for one trip from Munich airport to the city (or conversely).


We recommend to travel via Munich airport, then by local train (S-Bahn no. 8, there is only one so you cannot fail) to Pasing and from there by train to Kaufbeuren (frequent connections).

Here is some information regarding the travel from Munich airport to Kaufbeuren: If you are short of time proceed directly to the "S-Bahn" terminal in the airport - follow the signs with the green "S". You can buy a blue "Streifenkarte" (15 DM) either at a blue machine before you go down (10 DM or 20 DM notes or coins) or at a counter nearby. You have to cancel 8 stripes on a little blue box (marked "E") for the trip to Pasing. In Pasing you have to change the platform for the train to Kaufbeuren and you can buy the train ticket inside the train (about 21 DM). Alternatively (and slightly cheaper), you can get a train ticket for the whole way (33 DM single, 66 DM return) from a "Deutsche Bahn" (DB) counter in the "Zentralbereich" (Z) of the airport. Even better, if at least 6 people are travelling together you can get a group ticket (at least 40% reduction).

Munich Airport (Terminal) - Kaufbeuren
Kaufbeuren - Munich Airport (Terminal) (You get the possible connections by pressing the "search connection" button)

We haven't got much feedback regarding arrival times. We are currently planning to have one bus at 13:30 and one at 14:30 departing from Kaufbeuren station. Alternatively one can take a taxi (about 5km, approximately 25 DM).

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Bernhard Reus (2.10.97,20.03.98)